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AIDC Gift Shop Will Open Soon!

The 52-year-old national aerospace industrial leader, AIDC, is having its “creative way” to get closer to everyone’s life, especially the young people’s. AIDC announces today that it has developed a new business model to change the stereotype that people usually have in the aerospace industry, in hope of bringing fresh looks of AIDC by participating in the culture and creative industry.

The creative products sold under the AIDC brand name were developed by a group of talented AIDC young people, who will continue to generate more new ideas and support AIDC’s future artistic designing. By way of establishing this integrated cross-industry business model, AIDC hopes to elevate AIDC’s industrial flexibility and competitiveness to the next level.

AIDC Gift Shop will host an online show on June 15, 2021 to introduce its many trendy products; for example, baseball caps, hats, canvas handbags, genuine leather card holders, AJT cup bags, T-shirts, AJT flight jackets, photo frames made of aviation materials, and popular internet illustrator “Dad Lin” co-branded T-shirts.

To boost the public awareness of the AIDC cultural and creative brand, the team has planned a series of related activities, which include the shared art platform; youngster’s school; art gallery; and parent-child education camp. Besides, it will release Hsiang Yuan Resort packaged tour for people who wish to stay overnight and get a closer look at the aerospace industry.

AIDC Cultural & Creative team has many new ideas to offer to the public. You can follow what’s new about the Gift Shop at and the AIDC cultural activities on AIDC FB.