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Grand Opening of AIDC Gift Shop!

AIDC Gift Shop starts to operate today and online releases
many trendy products; for example, baseball caps, hats, canvas
handbags, genuine leather card holders, AJT cup bags, T-shirts,
and AJT flight jackets. AIDC hopes to get closer to everyone’s
life by introducing these interesting accessible products, and
bring fresh looks of AIDC to people that aerospace industry is
not iron-cold and it can be a part of your daily life.

To name a few, in response to the Covid-19, the AIDC Gift
Shop releases the dual-use pen. At one end is, no surprise, the
pen, and the other end contains alcohol which can be sprayed
when necessary to keep user away from the threat of virous.
The Gift Shop also introduces the AJT multiple-purpose
convertible photo frame which is made up of recycled aerospace
materials, the AJT’s honeycomb! Most importantly, only 66
photo frames were produced to symbolize the 66 shipsets of
AJT. It’s definitely a rare opportunity to “get hold” of a piece of
true aircraft!

There is also an AIDC T-shirt co-branded with the popular
internet illustrator “Dad Lin”. Dad Lin easily softened the
aerospace products such as fighters and aerospace parts by his
humorous illustrations, which brings an amusing conflict
between “industrialness” and cuteness.

In order to meet young consumers’ tastes, AIDC Gift Shop
offers baseball caps, retro hats and chic fishermen hats. It also
has green products like canvas handbags, AJT dual-use cup bags
to hold take-away beverages. And don’t miss the classic AJT
flight jacket with detachable arm patch that never fails to add
coolness to the one who wears it.

AIDC Gift Shop is now offering many sales promotions to
celebrate the grand opening. First, there is a free gift for each
purchase. Second, you get an additional gift with a designated
purchase value. Third, go to Facebook page to join its promotion
lucky draw. To find out more, please visit AIDC Gift Shop
website at