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AIDC delivers its first B787 Horizontal Stabilizer Auxbox and Leading Edge

Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC) delivered the first B787 horizontal stabilizer auxbox and leading edge to Alenia Aeronautica on Oct. 27. AIDC Chairman Jason Liu joined by Mr. David Brigante, Senior Vice President/Procurement of Alenia and Mr. Donald Merz, Senior Manager of Boeing and officials from the Ministry of Economic Affairs presided over the delivery ceremony. These parts will be sent to Alenia’s facility in Foggia, Italy for assembly into horizontal stabilizer and then to Boeing’s Everett facility for final assembly.

Cooperation between Alenia and AIDC started with the C-27J Spartan transport program twelve years ago. Sixty-two empennages have been delivered to Alenia since then. Satisfied with AIDC’s outstanding delivery and quality performance, Alenia expanded its collaboration with AIDC. AIDC was award the contract to build the B787 horizontal stabilizer AuxBox and leading edge in October 2010. AIDC has since successfully completed material purchasing, tooling design, composite special process certification and first article inspection and made the delivery all within one year. Alenia is highly impressed with AIDC’s techniques and technology standards and stated that more parts releases are being considered.

AIDC estimates a production rate of 30-40 shipsets/year for the next two years, followed by an increase to 60-70 shipsets/year from 2015. This program is expected to bring US$83 million in production value and much more extended values to Taiwan aerospace industry.