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AIDC Supply Chain Conference

The annual “AIDC Supply Chain Conference” took place on December 15, 2011. Mr. Jason Liu, AIDC Chairman, hosted the conference with representatives from the Industrial Development Bureau, the Taiwan Aerospace Industry Association, and the Committee for Aviation and Space Industry Development.
In the presentation made to its domestic supply chain partners, AIDC introduced its current business status and future business opportunities. While the aerospace industry is gradually recovering from the global recession, this year AIDC has successfully inducted additional B-737 parts and components to its production line. In tandem, the MRJ and the C-Series cross-country design and production programs are well underway. Over 90% of precision machining and tooling fabrication, estimated around $450M, NT dollars will be off-loaded to AIDC’s suppliers with prospect in 2012 to exceed $1B, NT dollars.
Supported by the Committee for Aviation and Space Industry Development of MOEA, the Supplier Conference is participated by 42 domestic suppliers including Magnate, Chaheng Precision, Drewloong Precision, Chenfull International, and Yuehcheng, just to name a few. During the meeting Alljack Premium Factory and Miao Cherng Industry were awarded certifications and became members of the AIDC suppliers family, adding the number of AIDC’s qualified suppliers to 94, among which 21% of suppliers are AS9100 certified with AIDC’s support and guidance.
Citing the September report published by the “International Air Transport Association”, AIDC stated in its presentation that economic growth is still slow this year due to the American debt; however, travel and cargo shipping in the Asia-pacific region are busy and air transportation will remain profitable. The Boeing Company also has an optimistic forecast that the global air fleets will enjoy multiple growth between 2011-2030. In addition, statistics from the Committee for Aviation and Space Industry Development also indicates the total value of manufacturing and maintenance in 2011 to be $70.8B, NT dollars. All pointed to a promising future.
AIDC’s Chairman Liu stated that in spite of the delivery plummet due to the global economic downturn in 2009, AIDC has kept its commitment to its suppliers by sustaining and even enlarging, the scope of subcontracts. Therefore given the overall AIDC subcontract value, there has been moderate growth in the past three consecutive years. Seeking future business opportunities with its suppliers as a team, AIDC remains firmly committed to integrate the respective strengths of its supply chain members and optimize the overall competitiveness of the team in collaborative quotations for international businesses. AIDC will continue this endeavor to mutually thrive with its suppliers.