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Annual GE Engine Order Exceeds $100M U.S. Dollars


AIDC celebrated a new milestone for achieving revenue in excess of USD100M in its annual GE engine orders. Ms. Melissa Twiningdavis, General Manager of Global Sourcing of GE Aviation, and her team made a detour from the Singapore Air Show to participate in this milestone celebration.

Addressing the attendees of the ceremony, Ms. Twiningdavis honored members of the program office, and exchanged tokens in commemoration of this significant achievement with Jason Liu, Chairman of AIDC.

Chairman Liu expressed appreciation to GE Aviation in his address, referring to the continuous assistance and support GEA had provided in overcoming engineering and schedule challenges during the course of developing the scope of business between GEA and AIDC.

In tandem, Magnate and Chenfull Int’l, AIDC’s domestic suppliers, were noted for their contribution in facilities and capabilities in support of the GEA program. They are each recognized as reliable and dependable supply chain partners with AIDC which motivated the continued growth of GE businesses, Chairman Liu said.

Ms. Twiningdavis commented that she was very pleased with AIDC’s achievement as among over 3000 GE suppliers around the world, Taiwan is one of the friendliest places that she loves to visit.

AIDC re-organized in 1996 from a military entity into a government-owned corporation and began actively exploring opportunities in the commercial aircraft market and effectively competed winning commercial production contracts that covered aircraft parts, components and turbine engines. Since its cooperation with GE commencing in 1997, AIDC has been a dependable supplier of parts and components for GE on a host of aero engines including for example; the CF34, CF6, CFM56, GE90, GENX, GP7200; and CT7-8.

AIDC’s dependable and consistent performance facilitates the increase of sales value and new businesses, as well as intensifies long term partnerships. AIDC is proud to be a strategic member in GE’s global supply chain.

In an effort to cultivate the aero engine business, AIDC invested heavily in building the Case Line No. 1 in 1999. The new plant was completed in 2000 and it went into mass production for GE parts which covered for example; engine cases, airducts, structure parts, outlet guide vanes; and shrouds.

Despite the diverse effects of the 911 plummet upon the aviation industry, AIDC stayed the course with GE and invested in its second case line in 2005. With new facilities in place, AIDC’s performance in quality and delivery exceeded GE’s expectations. AIDC continued to win more contracts from GE and sales value continued to grow at a steady pace, until hitting USD100M in 2011.

AIDC will continue to expand cooperation with GE based on the current solid foundation to empower Taiwan’s global recognition in the aerospace industry.