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AIDC presents Autotronic Innovations

AIDC will present two new products, namely the Multi-Purpose Display (MPD) and Vehicle Control Unit (VCU), developed by its Autotronics Design Center at the 2012 AutoTronics Taipei.

In response to the demand for autotronics in building; a safer, smarter and user-friendlier new vehicle, AIDC’s MPD is designed with the concept of an airplane cockpit. Through MPD touch panel, drivers can readily attain information such as tire pressure, night vision, lane departure warning system (LDWS), camera images, and surrounding environment, thus increasing driving safety.

Other MPD functions include; body control, such as lights and wiper, and diagnostics. MPD can detect malfunction of components and communicate with the CAN Bus network. In addition to displaying the diagnostic assessment on its screen, the MPD can also automatically relay the fault code to the call center through the Vehicle Data Recorder (VDR) and on-board unit with the GPS/GPRS wireless communication module, hence enables speedy maintenance and accident investigation.

The Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) is the core control unit of electric vehicles (EV). Its superior control logic and CAN Bus communication ability can quickly coordinate the operation of the Motor Control System, Battery Management System and assures a constant smooth driving experience. The VCU also incorporates the Body Control Module to enhance its application value and reduce EV manufacturing and maintenance costs.

These two products can be operated on AIDC-developed J1939 CAB Bus Vehicle Network platform and are capable of integrating domestic autotronic parts into superior performing systematic products. AIDC anticipates to establish Taiwan as a valued supplier for the global telematics market through indigenous alliance and cooperation.

As result of increased demands upon the company's autotronics products, the AIDC EME Laboratory expanded its capabilities to include autotronic electromagnetic compatibility testing which has been accredited by Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF) and TUV NORD. In addition to engineering integration testing and Euro E-Mark certification, the EME Lab. also provides professional diagnostic and trouble shooting service for automobile development and has proved to be the optimal choice for autotronic customers in the central and southern Taiwan.