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AIDC Signs Challenger 300 Winglet Contract with Bombardier Aerospace

Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC), the largest aircraft maker in Taiwan, has been awarded a new contract by Bombardier Aerospace to build the winglets for the Challenger 300* business aircraft. This agreement was signed by AIDC Senior Vice President, Mr. George Fung, and Bombardier Aerospace Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer, Ms. Janice Davis, during a signing ceremony held on August 21, 2012 at Bombardier’s Montréal facility, in Canada.

Since 1999, as supplier of the empennage for Challenger 300 jets, AIDC has delivered several hundred ship sets to this date. Bombardier has now decided to further expand cooperation with AIDC by selecting it as the supplier of the winglets for Challenger 300 aircraft.

Mr. Jason Liu, Chairman of AIDC, commented that AIDC is proud to have received this contract and anticipates that the parts made by AIDC will contribute to the success of the Challenger 300 program. This contract also enhances AIDC’s capabilities in composites and winglet design and manufacture. Mr. Liu further expressed AIDC’s hope to work with Bombardier Aerospace on the development of other aircraft programs.