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AIDC Introduces New Sweeper Control System Heads for Russian Markets

AIDC presented four products developed by its Auto Tronic Design Center, including; Sweeper Control System (SCS), Body Control Module (BCM), Multi-Purpose Display (MPD) and Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) at the 2013 AutoTronics Taipei. The SCS is a new product for street sweepers while the other three products are for bus, heavy-duty truck and electric vehicle applications.

On the first day of the 2013 AutoTronics Taipei, AIDC Senior Vice President Mr. George Fung and ROST Group Chairman Mr. Alexander Braslavskiy signed a two-year cooperation agreement to jointly explore the Russian markets in a variety of fields including; autotronics, simulator, medical devices, rail, etc. This agreement provides AIDC the first opportunity to step into the Russian markets.