Production Engineering

Production Engineering is a bridge between the design and manufacturing. Production Engineering participates in the design phase prior to production. On one hand, Production Engineering must understand both concept and requirement of the design department and make combine the two into reality.

Meanwhile, Production Engineering anticipates possible manufacturing problems and develops solutions before impacting production activities as well as thoughts that may affect product life cycle to assure the product is fully utilized both effectively and efficiently.

In the product design phase, production engineers participate as research team members to analyze the manufacturing capability and propose the scheme by CATIA software in accordance with the design idea, and assist designer to achieve the optimal design. At the same time, production engineers are responsible for editing of tools policy, planning of parts process, planning of assemble flow process, manufacturing and drawing of tools, programming of NC type… etc, these works, can be done by the CATIA software synchronously.

In the product-manufacturing phase, production engineers are available to solve on-line manufacturing problems, and maintain the aircraft configuration control. For the requirement of drawing, EO and specification especially, the production engineers are responsible for the disposition of product to ensure the customer's products conform in all aspects to both configuration and meet the traceability requirements during the manufacture process.