Composite and Metal Bonding

Composite materials parts production is a process whereby, resin fiber Prepreg or fiber woven and resin components, according to its thickness and demand, layers by layers they are being stick together, and being a special bagging process to suck out the remaining air in between the layers, to achieve a uniform compression effect. According to the resin component’s nature and using autoclave to formation by using high temperatures and high pressure, or leaving it at a room temperature to form. Each layer of fiber weave are being paste together to form a whole by using resin components.

Honeycomb Core Bonding parts are also known as, the sandwich structured parts, and it consists of three types of materials: skin, honeycomb core in the middle and adhesives. In the making process, the skin is first being made with aluminum materials or graphite composite material, using adhesive to combine the upper and lower part of honeycomb core and skin. After an appropriate heating, giving pressure to the making process to gain a low density, light and strong overall structure of the parts.

Wind shield forming is made with thermosetting characteristic of acrylic materials, soften after heating, materials are being blown to expansion or being shaped in a mold, placed to cool, so as to allow the product to take its shape.