Surface treatment is used to describe a number of industrial processes that can be applied to improve the surface of a manufactured item. The major reason to apply these processes is to improve appearance, improve adhesion or ink wettability, corrosion protection, wear resistance and friction control also are areas where performance can be enhanced by these treatments. In limited cases some of these techniques can be used to restore original dimensions to salvage or repair an item.

Generally, surface finishing consists of one of the following:

Removing material, or reshaping the item

Adding material to the item's surface, or chemically altering it.

AIDC surface treatment techniques include chemical milling, CAA, SAA, chemical film of aluminum alloy, cadmium plating, chrome plating for steel, passivation for stainless steel, prime and top-coat painting, oil-tank coating. The process and equipments have been approvals by NADCAP and the company numerous in the aerospace industry.